You don’t build a client list like ours without having the right team.

We’ve worked hard to find people who share a commitment to quality, accountability and customer service. Our team is big enough to handle virtually any task, but intimate enough to understand exactly what the other person does so they can step in and help out when required.

Front office, customer service, sales, pre-press and production – our people are overachievers with an extreme commitment to accountability, who take a compulsive pride in what they do. But in a totally healthy way. Really.

Greg Himer

Account Representative

Randy Smith

Account Representative

Dale McOrmond

Account Representative

Ron Maksymec

Account Representative

Angela Smith

Account Representative

Tracy Gyrmov

Planner / CSR

Terry Knoop

Planner / CSR

James Stride

Estimating & Procurement

Andrew Bly

Prepress Manager

Jen Hannah

General Manager

Brian Todd

Owner & President

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