Capital Colour offers complete bindery services that help your printing make a statement.

Great printed pieces deserve a great finish

After countless hours of working hard on your business plan or major presentation, putting it all together with simple paper clips or file folders seems a bit anticlimactic. First impressions have the power to set the tone of your meeting, either putting your boss to sleep or making them eager to hear more. That’s why Capital Colour offers complete bindery services that help your printing make a statement. Since 1979, the experts at Capital Colour have been finding new ways to help elevate your projects to the next level. From simple trimming and packaging to specialized die-cutting and bookbinding, we will help you throw subtle and unassuming out the window with professional finished projects that boldly declare, “Look at me. I said LOOK AT ME!”

Book Binding

Whether your book is ready for publishing or you just want to bind all of your children’s drawings together to create a memorable keepsake, Capital Colour has the perfect bindery services to suit your needs. As a full-service digital printing and publishing specialist, we have the knowledge and expertise to turn out a professional-grade product in no time at all. 



Ideal for books with lay flat designs, plastic coil binding is a versatile option. It is made out of durable plastic that comes in both white and black and can be paired with a glossy, laminated cover and stiff back or traditional Acetate clear front cover and vinyl backing.



Similar to plastic coil binding, “wire-o” binding is a metal coil that has been a popular choice for many years. The main advantage with coil binding is that the book can fold completely over on itself or lay flat.



When it comes to menus, pamphlets, short books, and magazines, saddle stitching is a quick and inexpensive solution. After combining your project with 2 simple staples, our professionals will fold and trim your project to perfection.



Preferred as the standard for paperback books, perfect binding clamps digitally printed pages in a vise-like grip, draws them across a blade, and carves notches into the bound edge. Hot glue is applied, which works its way into the notches. Then, the cover is folded around the book block and secured for a high-end finish.



The highest quality book binding service Capital Colour offers is cased hard cover binding. To make a smooth outside cover, we start off by gluing a laminated or cloth printed cover to heavy board. Then, the book block is securely attached to the inside of the board. Nothing beats this professional look.

Bindery Gallery

Die-cutting, trimming, and packaging

As part of our complete bindery services, Capital Colour takes your project from conception to completion. Not only do we offer digital printing and graphic design, but our die-cutting, trimming, and packaging services can elevate even a plain magazine printing to help you finish in style.

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