Offset Printing

You could say printing is in our blood. Ink courses through our veins (not literally, but go with us here).

Edmonton Offset Printing

Paper caresses our senses. And die-cuts fire our imaginations. Not surprisingly, we take our printing seriously. We’re driven by our compulsion to provide exceptional printed pieces and outstanding customer service. Our advanced offset printing equipment gets the best possible results, and our dedicated staff pays attention to every possible detail. Our in-house pre-press department troubleshoots problems before they happen, and ensures accuracy and efficiency.

Digital or Offset?​ How do you Choose?

It depends on your needs. Offset allows for truer colours, cleaner finishes, better consistency, and you have more choices for paper, finishes and die-cutting. When you’re doing large runs, offset is still the best choice. Digital printing is better for a smaller run, a limited budget, or tight timelines. Your choices are more limited, but it can save you time and money.

Offset in Action!

Instant ink drying on our new LED UV Press

As they come off the press, the sheets are perfectly dry. This means we can fold and trim your project right away.

This is unlike traditional presses where they need to wait a full day for the sheets to be dry enough to trim and fold without smudging.

Instant drying gives you faster turnarounds, and more flexibility in your project schedule. 


The only press of its kind in Western Canada

Our RMGT 9 LED UV Offset press is a 5 colour offset press. Its LED-UV ink and instant cure inline UV coatings combination is the first of its kind in Alberta.

  • UV Coating – high gloss, Spot UV & Special Effects
  • Full 16-page signature on commonly available 24” x 36” stocks
  • Capacity to run 8-UP 8.5x11” jobs

LED-UV Advantages:

  • Less Energy Consumption and no Ozone / VOC’s
  • Instant cure drying of jobs with no scuffing
  • Consistent print quality (no dry back)
  • Wide range of substrates including plastics
  • Local printing with shorter lead times

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