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About Capital Colour

We’ve been around a long time.

How long? Well, long enough to remember when light tables were common, typographers ruled, and BlackBerries were just fruit. We began in 1979 as a small graphic design and prepress shop, working with clients to deliver great design and outstanding service. As our clients’ needs shifted, we purchased a press and began offering printing services. We’ve never looked back.

Today, we offer full service printing services with our team of more than twenty employees. We have the expertise to print and deliver everything from business cards, brochures and annual reports to mail campaigns, packaging and wall murals.

More important than what we do, is how we do it.

We’re still committed to exceptional customer service. We still answer our phones. And we still believe that when it comes to quality printing, good enough is never good enough. More important than what we do, is how we do it. 

Photo right: Our Founder, Fred Neuschmid, in his early print days.

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