Online Proofing Portal Tutorial

Welcome to Capital Colour's Online Proofing Portal

We hope that you enjoy using our new online proofing tool as it provides some advantages over your traditional PDF viewing software.

If your prefer, you can still view your PDF proof with your own software by using the download button, but you must either Approve or Reject (with a comment) using our new portal.

Basic Procedure

Click on each step below to reveal more details regarding that step:

Click the URL in the email you received. You will be directed to the PDF proof. If the file is password-protected, enter the password that will have been supplied to you. The PDF is displayed in an HTML5 browser using the Capital Colour Online Proofing Portal user interface. We recommend using Google Chrome. If you’re using Safari, the page may load slowly and you may have to refresh it. Please note: The first time you visit the Capital Colour Online Proofing Portal, you may be informed that cookies are used to save your personal preferences, such as your language choice and unit of measurement. Please note that we do not store any personal information. Click I understand to continue.

Inspect the file as required. You can inspect the document, page and object properties as required. For an overview of the options, refer to the “Understanding the User Interface” section below. Note that is not possible to edit the file. Optionally add your comments using the Comments tool. Please note: You cannot save intermediate results or sessions. If you add comments, you should approve or reject the file in the same session, otherwise your comments will be lost.

Click the Approval tab in the top right corner and click the button of your choice. Confirm your choice and enter a comment if requested. Once you have clicked one of the buttons, you will be redirected to the Capital Colour website. You are able to open the file once more using the URL you received via the proofing email, but it not possible to change the approval decision or to send additional comments afterwards.

Old Method vs. New Method

New vs Old Proofing Method

Understanding the User Interface

Online Proofing Portal Main Screen

Title Bar Area (Top)

The title bar area is the white bar across the top with the Capital Colour logo in it. The gear button () in the top right corner, gives access to the User Preferences dialog, where you can change the language and the unit of measure. The cloud with a down arrow button () allows you to download the PDF file locally (including the review comments, if any) before sending your approval or rejection decision.

Sidebar Area (Left)

The left part of the screen below the Capital Colour logo is the sidebar. The View dropdown menu above the tabs allows to hide or show certain screen elements, such as page boxes, rulers and guides, etc. (see below). You can set a zoom percentage as required. The sidebar contains two different tabs that always available: Thumbnails (); and Comments (). At the bottom of the sidebar are page navigational tools for jumping to different pages or moving through a multi-page document.

View Options

Central Panel Area

The central part displays the PDF file. The toolbar at the top gives access to a number of different tools:


From left to right, the toolbar tools consist of:

Fit page button to fit the view to the size of one page.
Button to toggle the view between single and double page view (does not alter the PDF).
Two rotation tools (allows you to rotate the view of the PDF; does not alter the PDF).
Selection tool (which allows for inspecting elements when viewed with the Format tab in the right panel).
Pan tool (to move image area around; helpful when using a tablet).
Zoom tool (to take a closer look at specific areas).
Add Comments tool.

Right Panel Area

The right panel contains three tabs:

Format provides information about the current page (size, orientation, page boxes) or a selected object. Depending on the type of object (text, artwork, images) selected, will determine the properties shown (page properties, text properties, image properties, fill properties, stroke properties, position).
Document displays the document properties, and details about the fonts and separations used in the PDF.
Approval contains the Approve and Reject buttons.

Please note: To save space, this panel may be collapsed. It will be expanded automatically whenever you click one of the tabs at the top.