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newsletter printing edmonton - derrick golf clubWhat’s new? That’s a good question – and it’s exactly why you print and distribute a newsletter to your customers, donors, and supporters! At Capital Colour Press, we have been printing newsletters for our customers for almost 40 years, and we look forward to printing yours!

Our team of designers, press operators and customer service professionals are here to help you get your newsletter printed on time and on budget. Whether you need a large or small quantity of newsletters printed, our advanced presses gives us an edge to provide you with extra high quality and competitively priced printing.

Capital Colour Press
The most technologically advanced newsletter printing company in Edmonton
Newsletter Printing Services

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4904 89 St NW, Edmonton
25+ years experience printing newsletters for Edmonton & area clients
We are committed to exceptional customer service

We Can Meet Your Timelines

Our printing plant runs several 24 hour-a-day production shifts per week. With our quick-change printing presses and extended production hours, we can help you meet your tight delivery timelines.

Free Delivery Within Edmonton City Limits

We regularly ship newsletters all over Alberta, BC and Saskatchewan. Ask us about delivery options when you call.

Newsletter Printing FAQs

What size are newsletters?

Newsletters can be as small as one letter-sized page, or as large as a book. Quantities can range from 1, to as many as you need. Newsletters are typically printed monthly, others quarterly or annually.

Our clients’ average newsletter has 12 pages, and 500 copies are typically printed in full colour.

The page size is usually 8.5 x 11 which is most efficient for paper usage and fitting standard envelopes. But newsletters can be made to almost any size you need.

Binding: Any newsletter with more than 8 pages are typically saddlestiched (stapled).

How much does it cost to print newsletters?

Offset Press Newsletter Printing

For newsletters printed on an offset press, the cost will vary depending upon a few factors:

  • how many newsletters are being printed
  • the number of inks and specialty finishes required
  • the type of paper used

The printing press must be set up in advance for each job regardless of how many newsletters are printed, and the cost of that process is amortized over the entire job. Therefore, the more newsletters you print (1000, 5000, 10,000) the lower the unit cost, making it more cost-effective to print larger quantities of newsletters on an offset press.

Digital Newsletter Printing Prices

adeara spring 2018 - newsletter printing edmontonNewsletters that are being printed on a digital printer require very little setup. We typically see most customers print newsletters digitally. A digital printer is basically a large photocopier, with the inks stored in cartridges rather than changed for each job, therefore, the number of inks used is not a fluctuating cost. The cost of paper can still impact the overall price, and there are specialty finishes possible on a digital press, but overall, the unit cost does not vary as widely as on an offset press. If you require fewer quantities (less than 500), it may be best to print your newsletters digitally.

What is the minimum number of newsletters that I have to order?

We don’t have a minimum newsletter printing number… however the more newsletters you print, the lower the unit cost.

How long does it take to print newsletters?

  • A newsletter printed on a digital press usually takes about 3 to 5 business days
  • A newsletter printed on an offset press usually takes at about 7 to 10 business days

How do I mail newsletters?

We can work with you to get your newsletters into the hands of your subscribers. You will need to provide us a list of addresses, and we can arrange the rest.

Newsletters do not need envelopes to be mailed. We can get a Canada Post indicia added to your newsletter (which shows Canada Post the postage has been paid), and ink jet the individual addresses on the back cover.

Allow about 4 – 7 business days from when the newsletter is printed and complete to being delivered your subscriber’s mailbox. For out of province subscribers, add a few more days.

How much do newsletters cost to mail?

When mailing newsletters to individual addresses, each piece is assessed a cost based on its weight and how far away it’s being sent. Once piece might be $0.20, while another might be $2.60. If mailing cost is a concern, you may want to use a lighter paper stock, or keep the number of pages low to save postage.

If you are delivering newsletters in bulk (called unaddressed admail), the rates per newsletter go down.

See our Mailing page for more information, or contact us for a quote.

What paper stock is best for newsletters?

Most newsletters are printed on a 60lb or 70lb coated text weight, which delivers minimal show through, gets through the mailing process well and offers good value. Some clients choose to get a different, thicker stock for their newsletter’s cover if there are more than 24 pages and the client wants to better protect the newsletter, or make it feel more special.

Why print your newsletter instead of emailing it?

A printed newsletter is a great way to keep your customers, staff and the public informed about hot topics in your company and your industry. As a real printed thing you can touch and feel, it commands attention when it’s delivered and can be passed around and reviewed many times. A newsletter also works well for audiences who don’t have access, or can’t use, digital media.

Capital Colour cares about the environment

edmonton newsletter printing - alberta provincial electionCapital Colour is very proud to to be FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) certified. It’s the foremost standard in the printing industry for responsible forestry practices. Being FSC® certified means we are using materials from responsible sources and are doing our part to protect forest ecosystems worldwide. Because we are an FSC® printer, we can add the FSC® logo to your newsletter to show your readers you care about the environment as well.

Lets Get Started

Contact us today for more information about newsletters, pricing, quantities, turnaround time and design ideas. Capital Colour Press is completely equipped to handle whatever type of newsletter printing you need. We are happy to help you over the phone, in person or through email.

Capital Colour Press
The most technologically advanced newsletter printing company in Edmonton
Newsletter Printing Services

printing quote request

4904 89 St NW, Edmonton
25+ years experience printing newsletters for Edmonton & area clients
We are committed to exceptional customer service

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